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Indianapolis Russian School
Our mission is to encourage and promote an interest in Russian language and culture, to help children develop life-long friendships, and to build a global community regardless of people place of origin.                             tel: 317.399.4685
We offer:
Welcome to our school!

September 7th - First day of Fall semester; "Первый Звонок!" (Opening Ceremony)  starts at 9:30 am; classes start at 10:00 am.

Please, check the classes schedule for details:

schedule of classes instructed in Russian

schedule of classes instructed in English

On the first day, you will be able to attend the classes and then pay afterwards. Our accountant will be available in the school's lobby.

New Courses offered: 
Musical Theater, Mommy and Me, Choir, Crafts

 College Counseling - learn more.

Private Lessons: 
  • Russian language
  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Painting
  • French
  • Math
  • Hebrew

Please, contact us to get more details about any of the above classes/events.
  • Russian Language and Literature (for heritage speakers) 
  • Russian as Second Language (both children and adults) 
  • Musical Theater 
  • Math
  • Art (both children and adults) 
  • Music
  • Choir (taught in English)
  • Chess (taught in English and Russian)
  • Dance
  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Crafts
  • Private lessons: Russian, Art, Piano, Voice, French, Math
  • Interpreting and Translation Services:
          - certified interpreters
          - native language proficiency
          - documents translation
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